Compare MREs

A comparison table of readily available civilian MREs
Brand Case Detail Calories Summary Rating Where to Buy
Wornick Eversafe vs Sopakco Surepack Wornick Eversafe vs Ameriqual A-Pack Wornick Eversafe vs MREStar 1,052 Each meal is nearly 200 fewer calories than some competitor’s meals. The absence of items from each meal probably also accounts for the cost effectiveness of this MRE kit. 3.5 stars

SoPackCo Sure-Pak vs MREStar SoPackCo Sure-Pak vs Ameriqual A-Pack SoPackCo Sure-Pak vs Wornick Eversafe 1,058 The meals are tasty, reasonably fresh and the side dishes are nice The lack of a formal dessert in 6 of the 12 meals is disappointing. 3 stars

AmeriQual APack vs Sopakco SurePack AmeriQual APack vs MREStar AmeriQual APack vs Wornick Eversafe 1,217 The meals are very monotonous. You would not want these for anything other than a dire emergency. 2 stars

MREStar vs Ameriqual A-Pack MREStar vs Sopakco SurePack MREStar vs Wornick Eversafe 1,230 This really isn’t worth the $7.50 price per meal. Despite the packaging, they don’t seem to have real U.S. military components. 1.5 stars


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